HVB Partner Success Stories
Military Loans
  • HVB's strategic insights lead Military-Loans.com to become the very first fully MLA-compliant military lending platform in the country, one year before the Military Lending Act's October 2016 effective date.
  • HVB's primary positioning of Military-Loans.com as a consumer-friendly military loan platform forces the military "payday" lending & loan industry to reform.

In Q2 2015, HVB advised in the purchase and complete re-purposing of the MilitaryFinancial.com domain, which had previously been the website of a "military payday lender". MilitaryFinancial.com is now consumer friendly:

Military Financial
  • Military Financial loans are both SCRA and MLA compliant, one year before the 2016 MLA kicks in.
  • Loan rates now range from 5.99% to a max of 36%.
  • Access expanded from active duty only to include reservists, retired military, and military dependents.